Fall 2020 Online Courses

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September 17, 2020 to October 8, 2020

All Day

"Sacred Roots”

Instructor: Dr. Bob Lay
4 bi-monthly Zoom Sessions: Tuesdays 7:30 - 9 PM (Starting on 9/29)

Read The Ancient Witnesses, A Journey to Discover Our Sacred Roots by Dr. Bob

  1. Become familiar with the ancient family of faith, including their lives, testimonies, and contributions to historical Christian belief
  2. Get to know the diverse geographical and cultural context of the early church, including the Eastern, North African, and Western contexts
  3. Develop a historical timeline and a theological framework for the emergence of Nicene Orthodoxy
  4. Get a sense of dialogue with Tertullian, Augustine, Ephraim of Syria, and many others

The class will meet:
Virtually, in four bimonthly Tuesday evening sessions, from 7:30 to 9:00 pm, on these dates: Sept 29th, Oct 13th, Oct 27th, & Nov 10th

Please purchase a copy of The Ancient Witnessesavailable on Amazon in Kindle format and paperback.

BobLay-sqBob Lay’s Bio
Known as “Dr. Bob” to his students, Robert (Bob) Lay loves the Lord and enjoys good coffee and theology. During his fifteen-year tenure as Professor in the Dept. of Biblical Studies, Christian Ministry, and Philosophy at Taylor University in Indiana (1995-2010), he developed a passion for the legacy and writings of the church fathers. In 2009 he published Readings in Historical Theology with Kregel Press, and this past year The Ancient Witnesses, A Journey to Discover Our Sacred Roots with TUMI Press. He has earned degrees in Biblical Studies, Education, and Theology. Dr. Bob now leads The Urban Ministry Institute of Los Angeles, which equips men and women for ministry among the urban poor.  He has been a member of NewStory from the very beginning.

"How to Study God’s Word"

Instructor: Pastor Stephen Han
6 Zoom Sessions: Thursdays  8 - 9:15 PM (Starting on 10/1)

This is absolutely crucial to your Christian walk.  Whether you are a new believer or a veteran ministry leader, if you want to grow deeper in your Christian faith, you must know and apply God’s Word.  This course will offer a hands-on approach that shows how to get into Scripture — how to read it, how to interpret it, and how to apply it — so that your life can be shaped by God’s Word. Throughout the course, you will practice newly acquired Bible study skills to make the Bible come alive in a personal way that every insight you gain will be yours for life.  In addition to weekly zoom sessions, you will get to watch video sessions and read articles. Take advantage of this quarantine season by diving into God’s Word together. Register below.

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