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March 24, 2019

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SMT 2019 

Glad that you are interested in joining SMT (Short-term Missions Trips) this year! 

SMT is about joining God in writing His story all around the globe: whether it is to come alongside our missionaries just to listen to their stories of joy and disappointments, or to join a group of local believers reach out to their neighbors. SMT provides us a window to witness God at work, to help write many new stories for the people we went to love, but more than that, it provides us an opportunity to grow deep into His presence and His heart -- rendering another unforgettable new story of our own.  That’s what excites me about SMT, and I hope you get to experience it too.

This year, as we have been transitioning into NewStory, we are focusing on a few trips, namely to Indonesia, our global missions focus, and to a refugee ministry in Greece.  I am very excited about these two trips and hope many of you will join. Also, I am thrilled to introduce and experiment together with you, a new trip to our very own Los Angeles! Nothing is perfectly set, but we will learn to shape it together, to reach 1% of Los Angeles!

Journeying on mission with God,


Yana Ahn
Missions Pastor

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Los Angeles

2-3 days

Late May or early June


Sifting : exploration of the city of Los Angeles


July 25-Aug 7


Sports Camp, English Camp, Youth camp at RSI


June 28 - July 21*


Educational camps for refugee children & women



Los Angeles

Date: Late May or early June  (2-3 days)


How will we reach 1% of Los Angeles?  With the help of our “Sifting” team! “Sift” means to go through very carefully to find what is useful or valuable. So, let’s sift through the city of Los Angeles, in order to reach our city for Christ. Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States with a population of 4 million, and has a sprawling metropolis with 13 million inhabitants in the Greater Los Angeles area. LA is home to immigrants from more than 140 countries speaking 224 different languages. Not only does it bring the complexity of urban life, but it also hosts unreached people groups from around the world, concentrated in colorful ethnic communities such as Chinatown, Little Ethiopia, Tehrangeles, Little Bangladesh, Little Arabia, Little Tokyo, and Thai Town.  The Sifting Team will explore various parts of the city in order to learn about its peoples and their cultures, all while praying for and blessing all who cross our path.

Lesvos, Greece

June 28 - July 21


Stranded on Lesvos Island after escaping war and conflict, refugees are truly living in a hellish state of transition, where their dreams of building a new life are placed on hold for months and even years. For many of them, this dream is for their children. To address this need, this team  will host an educational day camp for refugee children for three weeks, using the curriculum developed by BeyondBorders, a ministry of TeachBeyond. What is more exciting is that one of our NewStory members, a former missionary to Indonesia, is developing this curriculum. Adaptability, the ability to work as a team player, and excellent relationship skills are what this team needs. Teaching experience is definitely a plus, but if you are ready to love and serve refugees, please consider joining this team.

June 28 - July 10

Not able to commit for the whole three weeks of camp? Consider joining the team by serving as a cook, driver, or whatever else that may be needed at one of the largest refugee camps on the island. Please contact Pastor Yana for the details.


Sumatra, Indonesia

July 25 - Aug 8


RSI (Rising Star International) is a Christian international school located in S. Sumatra, whose goal is to raise Godly leaders for the next generation. Although it is a Christian school, more than half of the student body is not Christian.  RSI plays a crucial role in introducing Jesus to students and to their families who are influencers in this city. This SMT team will serve the school by hosting an English camp and a sports camp, and by leading a youth retreat. The team will also have an opportunity to equip and encourage teachers and join an outreach to an unreached village where there is no Gospel presence.  RSI is one of our key partners in PalLink, NewStory’s global missions focus. Please consider joining this team to learn what God’s been doing through our PalLink efforts for the last 3 years, and get to know our missionaries on site and encourage them.


    • Application is available here.
    • Submit online application with non-refundable fee of $100
    • Schedule an interview with a team leader or missions pastor/SMT coordinator
  • Deadline to Apply : Sunday, March 24



  • We would love for you to become a member of NewStory Church and get baptized, if you aren’t yet. Membership class will be held on March 31st so save the date!
  • Have concerns about whether you are spiritual enough or adequately prepared to serve at SMT? Don’t worry!  SMT training is part of the journey. It will be a mixture of face-to-face meetings in large groups, team specific training, and online tutorials.  Please plan to set aside at least 3 hours a week for 4-8 weeks for this training.
  • How do finances work for SMT?  First, you are responsible for full cost of the trip.  However, it is a mixture of contributing from your own finances and raising support. Generally speaking, if you work full time, we encourage you to contribute 50% of the cost, and raise the rest. If you are a student, we recommend ⅓ to come from your own personal contribution, and the rest will be from support raising.  Even the finances are a part of the faith journey and you will get to experience God through this process. So, be ready to commit to this!


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