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NewStory Juniors - Heroes of Faith

06-21-20-Bible Story Image

In the Book of Hebrews, we find a list of people who lived by faith. Faith is being sure that what we hope for will actually happen. Faith is obeying God because we trust Him....

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NewStory Juniors - The Cheerful Giver


God wants us to give to others. Jesus gave up everything He had in heaven and came to earth to rescue sinners. We had nothing, but because of Jesus, we now have salvation and life forever with God. Giving cheerfully shows that we believe the good news about Jesus....

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NewStory Juniors - The Armor of God


Following Jesus is not easy. We have to fight against sin every day, but we do not fight with our own strength. God makes us strong against evil. God gives people who believe in Jesus everything they need to stand strong....

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NewStory Juniors - The Fruit of the Spirit

05.31.20 - Feature Image

We are sinners. We do wrong things. But when we trust in Jesus, God gives us the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit helps us be more like Jesus. The Holy Spirit changes our hearts to make us want to think about and do the things that please God....

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NewStory Kids Jr. - A Transformed Mind

05-24-20-A Transformed Mind

People who love God do not live in the same way as people who do not love God. When we trust in Jesus, God gives us the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit changes how we think and act. All believers are part of God’s family, and God wants us to be friends with one another....

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NewStory Kids Jr. - James Tells People to Love


James tells us to love others because Jesus loves us. James said treating some people better than others is the wrong thing to do. God does not have favorites. God has a place in His family for everyone who trusts in Him....

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NewStory Kids Junior - Paul's Second Journey


Paul and Silas told all kinds of people about Jesus. They told the women at the river, and Lydia believed. They told the jailer who was afraid of losing his prisoners, and he believed. It was not easy, but Paul and Silas told everyone who would listen the good news about Jesus....

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NewStory Kids Juniors - Christ Alone


The church encouraged Gentile believers. Some people were saying that people had to do more than just believe in Jesus to be saved. They were wrong! Everyone...

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Paul's First Journey


Paul and Barnabas helped start the first churches. The Holy Spirit sent Paul and Barnabas to tell people about Jesus. It was not always easy. Often times it was very hard, but the Holy Spirit helped Paul and Barnabas. They saw many people believe the good news about Jesus, and the church grew....

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Paul's Conversion and Baptism


Saul was Jesus’ enemy, but Jesus saved Saul from his sins and Saul changed. Instead of being Jesus’ ene- my, now Saul loved Jesus and wanted to tell everyone about Him....

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