Imagine following a man in his early 30s as he encounters all the different people of a city. Imagine all the sights and sounds. Imagine all the stories - crashing parties; hangin with outcasts; rollin up on holy rollers; hobnobbing with the rich & famous one minute, the down & out the next. Now imagine all the different opinions others would have of him. Some wanting nothing to do with him. Others not getting enough. In these next 7 weeks leading up to Easter (season of Lent), we will examine the 7 specific times Jesus clearly said: I Am. Because at the end of the day - it’s not about what others said. It’s not even about what you think. Let’s just let the man speak for himself about himself.

March 10, 2019

I AM - Light

Speaker: Tom Kang Series: I AM Passage: John 8:12–8:19

March 3, 2019

I AM - Bread of Life

Speaker: Tom Kang Series: I AM Passage: John 6:35, John 6:25–6:26