Let's Talk It Out

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Let's Talk It Out

Let's admit it. RELATIONSHIPS ARE HARD. People can be difficult. Unspoken hurts can be swept under the rug. Tensions can build. Conflicts can arise. Relationships are definitely not easy, but with guidance from Scripture, we can learn to relate with others in a way that adds tremendous value to both sides. In this series titled, "Let's Talk It Out", we will discuss the key ingredient of relationships - communication. Our prayer is that we will become a community that shares openly with one another and learns how to resolve conflict well. Please take the time to not only remember the sermon points but to practice them in your lives. Let's become a community where Los Angeles can experience God through our relationships!

February 17, 2019

Let's Talk It Out - "Keep It Real"

Speaker: Dustin Lang Series: Let's Talk It Out Passage: Psalm 18:4–18:5, Psalm 26:1, Psalm 143:4, Psalm 22:15, Psalm 61:2, John 16:33, Matthew 11:28–11:29